Top 5 Best Laptop Computers of 2020 – Watch This Review Before You Buy!

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The first Laptop Computer is the 15″ Macbook by Apple, which is our Best of the Best pick:

Here are the pros. A revamped model of a top-seller with key features that include a lighter and slimmer build, sharp Retina display, fast Intel Core i7, touch bar, 16GB storage, superior graphic performance, and exceptional HD video quality.

Here are the cons. Some defective models and occasional static in the speakers have been reported. Pricey, but its capabilities are worth it.

The BestReviews bottom line. A solid laptop that is known for longevity. A great option for work and professional use thanks to its responsiveness, apps, and impressive visuals.


We rated this Acer Chromebook Laptop Computer as our Best Value pick:

Here are the pros. An upgraded version of a popular laptop. Lightweight and portable. Price falls on the low end of the spectrum, making it ideal for anyone who wants a basic laptop for work and internet surfing. A good choice for students.

Here are the cons. Offerings/features are largely limited to the scope of Google Chrome. Not the speediest laptop, so it’s not a good pick for gamers.

The BestReviews bottom line. A “light-duty” laptop with some standard laptop features. An inexpensive route to internet access with a convenient, compact build.


The next Laptop Computer by Dell is our third top pick:

Here are the pros. A 2018 Dell with responsive HD touchscreen, back lit keyboard, 8th gen Intel Quad Core processor and vivid sound and graphics. Spacious 8GB memory, 15.6″ screen, and Bluetooth capability. Perfect for work and play.

Here are the cons. Some issues with the touchpad being unresponsive. Doesn’t have a Type-C USB port. Build is somewhat bulky.

The BestReviews bottom line. Though larger and bulkier than some laptop users like, this well-made, updated model is a reliable option and a good choice for Dell fans.


We ranked this ASUS Laptop Computer as our fourth top pick:

Here are the pros. An ASUS Chromebook that offers a sleek, 11.6″ size, Intel Celeron N3060 Processor. Stays charged up to 10 hours. Rugged design holds up well to rough handling, even spills onto the keyboard.

Here are the cons. Limited to Google Chrome. May not be advanced enough for adults in a professional field.

The BestReviews bottom line. A low-priced Chromebook that offers excellent graphics, speedy processor, and easy-to-carry compact size. Great for kids with its tough build.


This Laptop Computer by Microsoft is our final top pick:

Here are the pros. Seventh generation model with a slim, modern design that makes it easy to take along wherever you go. Weighs less than two pounds. Responsive touchscreen. Great for light personal use.

Here are the cons. Some wish the pen and keyboard were more responsive.

The BestReviews bottom line. A device that blends the features of a tablet and a laptop in one modern, portable package.


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