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  1. Dumb People don’t realize that Steve Jobs sacrificed his life for the betterment of technological evolution and how we used technology.he was never after the money,he was after the perfection of making people’s life easier.

  2. This didn’t seem to get the same wow reaction from the audience that the iPhone launch did.. but arguably it’s changed things just as much.. the iPhone changed Smart phones… but the iPad killed home laptops.

  3. What a difference a real person doing a presentation makes,not the team of robots that bullshit their way through a presentation of almost nothing.What has happened to Apple is they are catering for kiddies corner.I remember when iPhoto played a slideshow with a choice of music.We had iChat where you could be speaking to someone in Europe and throw a music file at the screen and they would have that file on their screen in seconds.Apple had widgets on their early OS systems.They have slowly become a company that sells you an expensive device and you have to pay for everything otherwise there not interested.They lost me when they abandoned the old iTunes which they never really updated.They can kid millions but not me. This was 11 years ago Apple are going backwards without Steve Jobs apart from the dated look of the UI the actual OS is more advanced and intuitive than the current system.such a practical OS.No wonder the audience clapped.What a sad loss to the world,Apple,and technology in general.Apple the company that used to cause excitement in the tec world..I purchased hundreds and hundreds of music tracks from the store as I could enhance my own large music library.Now with Apple Music I’m not at interested in a regular subscription charge as well.So I buy nothing from the Apple store.The team at Apple now should be made to watch this presentation over and over again as they have lost the meaning of true innovation.Now they just talk about a new processor or how fast it is ..

  4. 11 years later, we’re now watching this on an M1 powered, mini LED 12.9” iPad Pro that is a fraction of the original’s thickness but ridiculously, hilariously more powerful.

  5. Watching this on my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9… when I was a kid I remember this coming and wanting it so badly but my parents were poor and couldn’t get me an iPad even though I wanted one so badly for so many year… feels so satisfying to own one now 🙂

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