OnePlus Buds Just Made AirPods Look Overpriced

OnePlus Buds are fully wireless earbuds for $79

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  1. The Nord’s look like a Disney branded advertised to kids. I’m saying they look like a toy. NO reasonable person nor adult would wear those…in public. If you want cheap earbuds, I would go for JLab or Boltune or any other brand that doesn’t correlate to a full fledged out tech corporation. Get something from a company that isn’t so established but has good reviews.

    But pretty cool review there Lew, you make me wanna start an earbud/headphone collection😂 Good day to you sir👍

  2. But , to! These are mean as fuck.
    Why low latency won't work instead of oneplus. With that fenatic mode.
    Makes no sense when HRX XWAVE 14 R by earphones comes with 35 ms connection. And costs 1500 rs only.

  3. I think OnePlus company are becoming a big con, on ther website they were selling there z headphones for only £1…..but no one could buy them ,because there website kept on crashing. The offer was only on for 1 HR. Then it said out of stock now. Then the very next day it was back in stock at £49.99.
    Discusting behaviour from OnePlus.

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