KING of Budget Laptops – IdeaPad 5 14 (Ryzen 4700U) Review!!

The KING has arrived. In this video I thoroughly review the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 14 with the Ryzen 4700U CPU, and compare it to the IdeaPad 5 15 with the Ryzen 4500U CPU, as well as the new Acer Swift 3, the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro 2020, and Dell XPS 9300

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

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Update: It is indeed HDMI 1.4 my video output was sent as 4:2:0 color sub-sampling (instead of 4:4:4). As color accuracy is reduced the bandwidth required for 60hz @ 4k was achieved.

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  1. I happened to have bought the IdeaPad 5 over the Macbook Air because i was short of money, as of the specs i got R7 5700U 16 gig ram and 512 SSD. It now has a barrel charger and an usb c for display, although some models vary with this. The power of this is now competitive to an M1 although losing to it in a single core score. The Screen is bright enough to do tasks outside with some light sunshine. The battery lasts for around 8-9 hours under some load with tasks running in background. Overall, i find this a great laptop for the price range.

  2. I got a question, should I plug my charger all the way in? Because it's hard and I am scared i might break ik. While if I do it just the halfway, it works to but it can leak. What should I do?

  3. Hi I am currently stuck, in my country (Ireland) i can get the lenovo idea pad 5 with ryzen 7 5700u 16gb ram, or i can get the asus zenbook 14 with ryzen 4700u and 8 gb ram, i know the zenbook has a better screen, but i feel the 16gb and newer processor might be better value there both around the same price

  4. Can someone help me with how do we check if Anti Glare is working fine. I have a 3 year old Dell vostro anti glare laptop where I cannot see any reflection whatsoever on the screen but on this Ideapad laptop I could see some reflection of my face and complete reflection of lights

  5. I've got a question, even if I mighr be a little late =)
    Concerning the fact that there is only
    one USB C which is also used for charching, can I use my adapter with two monitors, keyboard and mouse and charge the notebook through this adapter?
    It in an LMP mini adapter and has a USB C port left.
    Looking forward to your help.. =)

  6. I use 4700U laptop for streaming only on YouTube and i game on 8700k ,1070.

    The quality is very bad! I use x264, faster , 11000bits ,2 key frames etc. For 1080p 60!
    I stream Apex legends. Please please help me improve my stream quality.

  7. The Intel version surports thunderbolt, just get a USB-C hub with charging to add the needed extensions while charging. Just got to be ok with getting an Intel chip though. My configuration is the exact same except with the 11th gen i5. No complaints.

  8. If I want to use this for video or photo editing and didn't want 4k just 1080p will it be ok? I just came from a lenovo 330s i5 8th generation 4gbx2gb 15.6 in display and I used Sony Vegas & photoshop on it. It wasn't the best but I did with what I had. My budget is $800 MAX so if you have a better option as of right now please let me know.

  9. Video editing software seems to have a bias towards Nvidia cards over anyting AMD don't know why that is but that is just how Premier is and that's why you got stuck with the software render even though you told it to do a hardware it's looking for NVIDIA Cuda cores

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