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  1. it's the software support for me. Apple always wins on software support, and although people would say that apple limits its features, I feel like those extra features on android aren't utilized well so they end up just being something cool for a few years.

  2. Just got the FE. Its.. alright.

    I'm only going to use it for editing pictures and honestly it's best for that.

    Does it have the features I want… ehhh not exactly. Doesn't even have a finger print scanner and I never use the face scanner that thing is always buggy and I never trust it. its horrible…

    It doesn't have a theme store on it like our phones to make it feel more personal or change the style of the apps. (Maybe there's a app I can download to change everything but yeah more nonsense to look for and download)

    The S pen feels decent but personally im upset that the box didn't bring different points for it. I don't like soft point pens on glass screens it feels honestly nasty… like youre just dragging it. Like rubber on a screen with no lube. and the pen DOES leave streaks on the screen. So get ready to clean your screen a lot and the back is a fingerprint magnetic too lol(only had it for 2 days now)

    At least the tablet has a magnetic for it but it isn't that strong so make sure you have something to actually hold the pen. Or you'll lose it easily

    Frame rate? Not even 120 like our phones but then again that isn't important for something like this

    Dont bother with the camera… cause you know how iPhone users make fun of us cause our quality is bad.. yeah… don't expect much from it lol. Facing camera is decent for meetings

    Ugh… there's a wifi version. That I just found out the moment after I bought it. So best to wait till that comes out and save a lot of money. Cause I'm stuck with a 5g… and I see no point of having a Sim for a tablet that I'm just using for editing pictures

  3. I use to have an Air 3 with a Logitech keyboard case and I really miss it sometimes but then I got the M1 MacBook Air last December and, well, I'm totally on Team MacBook now.

  4. Watching on my galaxy tab s7 fe wifi variant , It has powerful sd 778g , 12.4" TFT panel and I got just for $490, Incredible deal, s pen is included…totally worth it, Thanks Tech gear talk for reviewing it

  5. My dream tab specs
    Made by samsung and asus
    Size: 12.5 inch display 5 mm thickness
    Weight: 500 grams
    Build: glass front titanium frame titanium back
    Connectivity: everything in the world
    Display: super amoled 144 hz Hdr10+
    resolution: 2048× 2048
    Protection: gorilla glass victus
    Os: android 11
    Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ 5g 5mn
    Sim Card slot: yes
    Ram: 16 gb
    Rom: 1tb
    Camera: best camera for tab
    Speaker:Yes, with stereo speakers (8 speakers)
    Microphone: yes 8 microphone
    Headphone jack: yes
    Sensors: all sensors
    Battery: li po12500 mah
    Charging: 125 watt charger
    So this is my dream android tab iam not a tech expert but this is my dream tab

  6. I have been using tab s7 fe (128gb) from last 1 week and its pretty good and the only problem i experienced was 60hz refresh rate ……Samsung could have used 90hz aur 120 for better performance……and honestly i like your honest and valuable reviews …thanks 😊😊…@Tech Gear Talk..

  7. You get more freedom on Android I find. IOS is too restrictive for my liking. From game emulation to torrenting etc Android is far superior in this category.

  8. One BIG thing holds me back from buying Tab S7+ is the OS update. My iPad air 2 is still getting OS update but my phone Galaxy S9+ not. On the other hand I do not have any issue with old OS on my phone. Maybe I will consider to get Tab S7+ or the next generation because I love the overall of Tab S7

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