Apple iPhone 13 Event Preview: Apple Watch Series 7 & AirPods 3!

Apple’s iPhone 13 Event is officially set for September 14th. We expect to see the new iPhone 13 lineup, Apple Watch Series 7, and maybe AirPods 3, but we clear up what we don’t expect to see at this event as well.

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  1. Brian…. I think this could be a big one because I just saw a 30 second commercial on Snapchat for this keynote to tune in on the 14th!!!! Now when has Apple ever advertise there keynotes like this 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. You asked in your podcast if there was anything about the new Apple Watch that I was excited about. Yes, bigger size. More and more I’m envious of Google hardware but wish it had Apple OS. Being a person of “certain age” a big problem I’ve had with the current Apple Watch is that I can’t read texts or calendar events or anything else on the thing. I really wish for an Apple “Radar Screen Sized” watch a la Google Wear.

  3. So basically Apple doesn't improve anything bigas usuall and still all of the crazy Apple fans are gonna go crazy and pay hundreds of dollars for the same iPhone from last year 🤦‍♂️
    Just move to Android you dumb dumbs !

  4. Question: I want to buy the Apple Watch series 7. Will they release it for sale at the same time as the live stream or just say when it will be for sale in the future on the live stream?

  5. Hi all, does anyone know is the idea of Touch ID coming back to the iPhone with the iPhone 13 a completely dead one? I would love a oneTB iPhone, but not sure that upgrade alone would make me pay the extra. I really hate Face ID, I’m totally blind and actually looking at the thing is a real pain! Therefore The Touch ID would certainly help.

  6. The background might be similar for a wallpaper for iPhone 13/Pro just like last year the wallpaper was like orange blue bubbles which is similar to iPhone 12 wallpaper

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