2020 iPad Battery Drain Test / iPad Pro 12.9" & 11-Inch vs iPad Air vs 10.2" iPad vs iPad Mini 5

Here it is! My iPad Battery Drain Test 2020 Edition!
As mentioned, this video was brought my popular demand seeing as the new iPad Pros were released. For early 2020, we have the following contestants.

The iPad Mini 5
The iPad 10.2″
The iPad Air 3rd Generation
The NEW 2020 iPad Pro 11″
The NEW 2020 iPad Pro 12.9″

Scroll down and let me know which iPad YOU think is going to win in the comment section below. Consider giving this video a like as these grueling battery drain tests take so much time and preparation and at the bare minimum, takes at least 1 whole week to put together MINIMUM. Also consider subscribing if you’d like to see future content just like this!

Watch my prior battery Drain Test for the iPads that I did in 2019:


iPad Mini 5:

iPad 10.2″:

iPad Air:

iPad Pro 11″ 2020 :

iPad Pro 12.9″ 2020:

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  1. I have ipad 6 and im telling you its one of the best! Like best performance, best battery life and fast charging plus its no so expensive! And im typing on it lol! And while i was watching this for a total of 9 minutes it only went down 1 or 2 percent!

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