Best Laptop Setups Ep. 8 – Simply Awesome!

Welcome to the Best Laptop Setups episode number 8! This week we have some amazing laptop setups one including a MacBook Air with M1. Every week they keep getting better and better. Some minimal others well organized!

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Submit your best laptop setup to your [email protected] with as many pictures as you can and a description of your stuff! Please take the photos using a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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  1. New sub here I only have a laptop so I love these videos!! Any chance you could do a tutorial on how to set up a desk with docking station?!?! I'm new to this and not really sure how to do it. Thanks!

  2. I just finished harnessing the wires of my setup. But I still am not satisfied. After I finish setting this up, might as well send it to this channel!
    I love this channel. I've been a subscriber for almost 3 years?

  3. I really appreciate what @techiesnake did with the space… Its space efficient, the cable management are professionally done… Looking forward for more interesting videos from @ techiesnake

  4. Thanks Matthew for featuring my budget setup🙏🏼 and thank you all for those nice comments.

    To clarify, $767 does not include the cost of the desk, the decorations, and the iPad. The desk came with my house. The iPad was bought far before I built my setup, so I didn't include it in the cost. For those who want to know, the iPad cost me around $300, and those decorations cost under $12 USD.

  5. i realy dident know u can get a house for 700$ and laptops and windows andipad and desk and lights and electricity for just 700$ amazeing. also shut up u have a trash setup look at it ur 1 to talk

  6. All these super tidy set ups, and even the messy ones, never have UPS battery backup devices. Don’t people worry about losing power? Laptops are fine because it’ll run off its own battery but the monitor and router, etc are all going to die. I have a couple sitting on my desk because I don’t want them collecting dust and pet hair stuffed somewhere on the floor. And they’re so heavy, I don’t think mounting them under the desk would last very long since the desk is not solid wood.

  7. Thank you Matthew for featuring my setup. Appreciate your suggestion on placing the Alienware Amplifier inside the top shelf of Kallax. I thought about it but preferred to keep it on top as I have a Star Laser Projector behind the amplifier which stays hidden behind it. However, I will consider it in the near future as I plan some re-structuring. Cheers and thanks again 🙂

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